Sunday, September 8, 2013

Two New Stories this Fall, Two Free Stories Revisited

Have a Kindle? Have two bucks to spare? The latest issue of Dark Eclipse includes my short-short, "Sweet Tea and MamaLady", told from the POV of a lap dog. Sweet Tea's day is not going well. Something bad has happened to her mistress, but Sweet Tea doesn't understand...

You can order a digital copy for only $1.99 HERE.
The month of October will see the release of Diabolic Tales III. I am very pleased with this publisher. Full disclosure: before submitting to them, I was unfamiliar with Diabolic Publications. The pay semi-pro rates, offer contributor copies, and suggested a copy editing program that I have started using on everything I write. It doesn't hurt that that the cover art is stellar, either! You can be in the loop as soon as this anthology is released by bookmarking THIS.

My story, "Coke Mule Deer", follows a serial killer as he flees Mexican authorities, a hungry cougar, and a vengeful witch. Will he make it to the border?
READ REVIEWS of Bedtime Stories for Carrion Beetles using the link provided. I and thankful for the nine people who took the time to review my collection, and feel fortunate that so far, all reviews are 5 stars. Remember, this is my only collection. Anything else I advertise will feature one of my stories along with many other fine authors. Bedtime Stories for Carrion Beetles contains what I consider to be my best stories from five years of writing.

Read my Dystopian (and dream-influenced) story, "Metsys" for free HERE. (Courtesy of the science fiction e-zine Chrome Baby.)

Read my beauty shop crime story, "Monday Mourning at the Curl Up & Dye" for free here! (Courtesy of Over My Dead Body! e-zine.)

If you enjoy my stories, tell your friends! The best advertising a writer can ask for is word-of-mouth from their readers. As always, thank you for reading!

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