Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Upcoming appearances (as of July 2011:)

"Bruja" in Made You Flinch 2: Two For Flinching (edited by Bill Tucker, Library of Horror Press) Fall 2011. A serial killer flees Mexican authorities, a hungry mountain lion and the American Border Patrol in his quest for freedom, but the witch he double-crossed might have the last laugh.

"The Elephant in the Room" in Zombie Kong (edited by James Roy Daley, Books of the Dead Press) Winter 2011. When a Voodoo curse resurrects a dead gorilla as a weapon of vengeance against racism, bloody chaos ensues. But does anyone care enough to stop posting comments online and actually DO something about it?

"A Misadventure to Call Your Own" in Blood Lite 3: Aftertaste (edited by Kevin J. Anderson, Gallery/Pocket) Summer 2012. You've got a dead body in your basement to dispose of and the funeral of a dead uncle to attend. Up for combining the distasteful duties? Of course you are! A morbid romp where you don't have to feel guilty about the choices made.

"Solitary Man" in Morpheus Tales, Spring 2012. A prison guard shares a shocking secret with his comatose son.

"The Biggin Hill Duel" in Big Pulp, Spring 2012. In a future obsessed with the past, a master detective is called upon to solve a mystery involving a duel in which there appears to be only one participant.