Monday, June 6, 2016

2016 Mid-Point Recap: Covers and Links

Here's a recap of stories published thus far in 2016.

My dark fairy tale, "Sprat" was published in issue #3 of Abstract Jam magazine. An eclectic assemblage of short stories.

Jack Sprat and his wife... we all know the nursery rhyme. But did you know they started a subscription-based erotic website to jump start their waning popularity? Spoiler alert: not everyone lived happily ever after...

Order here
 Available in e-book only, to be released at the end of June, 2016 is The Beauty of Death (Independent Legions Press). 41 tales of death from an all-star international assemblage of authors.

What a thrill to be included alongside so many authors whose books fill my shelves! Poppy Z. Brite and John Skipp are particular favorites.

I included the working/mock up cover below. I actually prefer it to the final cover, pictured to the left. To me, the original art is more mysterious.

My story, "Building Condemned," follows a man's final moments as he sets things right in his psyche before bidding his body a final farewell.
My third Morpheus Tales appearance, "Solitary Man," is reprinted in Best of Morpheus Tales Volume 5.

The same story will also appear in The Prison Compendium (EMP Publishing) in October and was published in my first collection, Bedtime Stories for Carrion Beetles. It's becoming one of my more popular stories.

Fun fact: the working title of the story was "Ghost Writer."

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"Ant Farm Necropolis" is my newest poem. It will be featured in the Horror Writers Association's Poetry Showcase Volume III, coming to e-book format sometime during the summer of 2016.

"Ant Farm Necropolis" deals with drug abuse and is a ghost story at heart. It also happens to be the title of my upcoming short story collection, which will be published in 2017.

One of my favorite stories ever, "Four Houses Down, on the Bad Side of Town" is reprinted in Now Playing in Theater B (A Murder of Storytellers).

This is a fun horror anthology inspired by the grindhouse and "late show at the drive-in" aesthetic.

For more about this story, and a free sample, see the next blog post.

Order here!

Last and certainly not least, my quiet horror story "Storm Cloud Rain, Graveyard Dirt" is one of the stories featured in Issue 6 of Body Parts Magazine. The theme of the issue is Grave Robbing. I enjoyed writing this story. It's based on one of my favorite real-life places. You can read it HERE for FREE!

Come back and visit! I have a DOZEN NEW STORIES slated for publication before the end of the year!

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Now Playing in Theater B is out now!

Here is  short sample from my story, "Four Houses Down, on the Bad Side of Town," available in the brand new grindhouse-inspired anthology: Now Playing in Theater B (from A Murder of Storytellers).
"Four Houses Down, on the Bad Side of Town"

If you’re wondering, the price on the For Sale sign posted in my front yard is correct. It’s an incredible bargain and I can see you agree. This house has been in our family for several generations, but it’s time to move. Downsizing. You know how it is.
I’m Clive. Let me give you a tour.
This residence has three bedrooms, though only two are in use. House size is 3400 square feet. Plenty of room for a large family.
There’s a porch out back, a tool shed, a prefab tin shed for storage, even a smokehouse, if you like jerky. Maybe I ought to test that out, though; the last time we used it was way back in 1969, when I was only seven years old! That was the year Nixon took office, the Beatles performed on a roof and then broke up, and a tapeworm killed my mother. Sucked the life right out of her and left nothing but a husk. In the end, she was dry as an old gourd. Ever shake one? You can usually hear something rattling around inside, but you don’t know what. Seeds maybe, or dead beetles.
My dad cut my mother open and pulled the murdering parasite out of her large intestine. The damn thing was over three feet long. Dad took it on like Jacob wrestling the angel, and like the angel, the tapeworm was overcome. Dad crucified it in the smokehouse. He nailed it to the wall with a two-pronged fork with a bone handle. Stretched it tight and nailed the bottom too. Used one of Mother’s knitting needles. The gut vampire’s carcass started out flat, but curled in on itself like tightly-rolled parchment as it dried. It’s a first-rate smokehouse—or was.
Dad buried Mother out back beneath the lilacs. He mistrusted morticians. Always worried what those folks did when there wasn’t anyone around. Then Dad used the dead tapeworm as the string in his old washtub bass. He’d play it out on the porch on nights when the moon shone bright and in our living room on nights when it didn’t. It didn’t have a very good tone but it calmed down my older brother, Paul, so that was good.
Paul’s brain seemed to operate on a different set of instructions than the rest of us. He would often fall prey to a kind of darkness that has nothing to do with nightfall.

As for the music, I played along on a toy guitar that was just my size. It had four strings but still sounded fine as frog’s hair. I’d strum away while Dad sang songs he made up on the spot. Some bawdy, some mournful; and him always plucking the tapeworm that’d killed his wife, crafting rustic, mystical lullabies for the children she left behind. Paul would rock on his haunches and try to hum along. And Sadie, the baby of the family, a year and a half old back then, would hold up both hands, wanting to touch something, anything, everything. And she would smile at me as if we shared some great secret joke.

Find out more about Clive, his little sister, Sadie, and their bizarre life experiences (including his violent grudge against his former best friend, Zedro) in "Four Houses Down, on the Bad Side of Town" reprinted in Now Playing in Theater B. Ordering link is above.