Sunday, November 18, 2012

New Anthologies Now Available

Gunslingers and Ghost Stories, which includes my entry, Ghost Soup, is now available! Ghost Soup is the first published story featuring Truman Bonner and his son, Isaac. Bonner and Son will be a series of Weird Western adventures. Eventually collected into a cohesive book... but I'm getting ahead of myself. 

Who-or what-is the abomination locked away in a cell in the deepest, darkest part of the Chinese laundry tunnels beneath Deadwood? And how can it assist Truman Bonner exorcise a vengeful spirit from a grizzled gold miner? Find out in Ghost Soup, available in Gunslingers and Ghost Stories.


Granite Island, Amber Sea, which includes my entry, A Brother's Love, is now available! I served as master of ceremonies for a wonderful gala event and launch party for this anthology, edited by Black Hills Writers Group. Very exciting to see the likes of R.T. Lawton, Lori Armstrong, Sandra Brannon and C.J. Roberts in attendance. R.T. and Sandra both contributed to the anthology too! Featuring writings set in the Black Hills and western South Dakota, this collection has something for everyone.

A Brother's Love is a slightly revised version of You Don't Know Jack, from my collection Bedtime Stories for Carrion Beetles. Jack is on a quest to avenge his brother's death and put his memory to rest. An outcast Lakota warrior and an ancient Chinese man assist him in his endeavors. Jack winds up in Deadwood where he comes face to face with his brother's killer. Learn what happens in A Brother's Love, available in Granite Island, Amber Sea.


Zombie Kong, which includes my story, The Elephant in the Room, is available. This anthology was released earlier in 2012 and I don't think it got the attention it deserves. The stories included are a mix of horror, mystery, humor, fantasy and action. Some are pulpy fun, others are more grim. All are excellent.

The Elephant in the Room starts with a dead gorilla at an old-fashioned traveling carnival and ends with tactical nuclear missile strikes on North America. How did things get so bad so fast? Maybe reader comments posted online will shed some light on the tragedy...

Zombie Kong is available now!