Friday, May 26, 2017

Ant Farm Necropolis Cover Reveal and Pre-Order


18 newly collected stories and 2 poems. Cover art by M. Wayne Miller. Published by A Murder of Storytellers.

Available June 23rd.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

2017 Anthology Recap

Several new horror anthologies featuring my short fiction have been published so far in 2017.

D.O.A. III is the newest anthology from Blood Bound Books. This is my sixth appearance in a BBB anthology.

Theme: EXTREME Horror (adults only)

My story: Proud Papa, in which a man obsessed with witnessing his offspring's entire life cycle gets more than he expected. I did a reading of this story at a convention last year and am glad I found a publisher brave enough to print it.

There are many other incredible, talented, and even legendary authors included in DOA III, including John Skipp, Bentley Little, Richard Christian Matheson, and Jeff Strand.

Order DOA III here.

The Book of Blasphemous Words is the newest anthology from the fine folks at A Murder of Storytellers. This is my fourth appearance in an AMOS anthology.

Theme: horror based on religious zealotry and beliefs taken to extremes.

My story included: Hero Worship, explores the relationship between an unhinged Christian metal singer and an impressionable young fan, as revealed through a series of emails. (This is a reprint.)

I also recommend the stories by Joseph Shelton, John Biggs, and James Dorr.

Order The Book of Blasphemous Words

Memento Mori is a new anthology from Digital Fiction Publishing. This is my second appearance in a DFP publication.

Theme: horror stories about, or relating to, death.

My story included: Cold Feet, in which a mortician explains to his psychiatrist what happened to make him suddenly afraid to marry his lovely assistant. (This is a reprint.)

I also recommend the stories by Gregory Norris, Jay Wilburn, and Kenneth Cain.

Order Memento Mori here.

Grave Markers: Volume 3 features three novelettes previously published by Grinning Skull Press as standalone Kindle editions. All three are collected for the first time in a paperback book version.

Theme: Historical horror (and two of the three are weird westerns)

My story included: Bottled Spirits, a novelette chronicling the adventures of Truman Bonner and his son, Isaac in an Old West fraught with supernatural dangers.

Also included are Full Moon in the West by Dominic Stabile, and The Dance by S.L. Williams.

Order Grave Markers: Volume 3 here.

"Bottle Spirits" (Kindle Single is available HERE. This is my second appearance in a Grinning Skull Press anthology.

Depraved Desires is a new anthology from HellBound Books. This is my first published story with HellBound Book.

Theme: dark erotica, erotic horror (adults only)

My story included: 26 Photographs, which is a non-supernatural, non-horror erotic story about the lengths one wife will go to, to satisfy her husband's dangerous fetish.

Most of the authors included are new to me, but start with Ken Goldman and David Owain Hughes.

Order Depraved Desires here.

Don't forget: the end of June sees the release of ANT FARM NECROPOLIS, my third collection (19 stories, 2 poems). Cover art by M. Wayne Miller. Published by A Murder of Storytellers, LLC.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

New Collection to be published in June!

It's official. I am thrilled to announce my third collection, Ant Farm Necropolis, will be published by A Murder of Storytellers, llc. in June of this year!

A Murder of Storytellers is a small press out of Tulsa, OK. They specialize in horror and dark fiction anthologies. This will be their first single author collection!

The collection will be edited by Adrean Messmer.

I am also excited to announce that M. Wayne Miller has been commissioned to paint original artwork for the cover! I am a big fan of his style, which is vibrant and eye-catching.

Back cover text for Ant Farm Necropolis:

Twenty-one macabre stories and poems by Adrian Ludens. Clive wants to show you around his home, but watch out; it's populated by more than just recollections from his bizarre past in "Four Houses Down, on the Bad Side of Town." Those who want insight into Poe's descent into madness prior to his death should pay close attention to "Reynolds' Tale." The Idea Man is a retired hit man who has a novel idea to make the world a better place in "Slay it Forward." Jack the Ripper brings mayhem and murder to Alaska during the Gold Rush in "The Monster's Leather Apron." Randle has a job he loathes, erasing people from existence in "Death Guiding 350 Horses." These characters and many more are waiting inside this new collection from the author of When Bedbugs Bite and Bedtime Stories for Carrion Beetles.

I have sold stories to A Murder of Storytellers on four previous occasions.

Beyond the Nightlight includes my story, "Methods of Coping" which features a young boy trying to come to terms with his mother's disappearance, and his father's sudden fascination with cooking meat.
The Book of Blasphemous Words reprints my story, "Hero Worship." In it, an impressionable fan and a religious zealot heavy metal singer exchange a series of disturbing emails, leading to grim consequences.
Broken Worlds includes my story, "The Way It Will Be," in which a simple-minded gas station attendant is manipulated into reporting the nightly news. It's all true, but only after he says it.
Now Playing in Theater B includes my story "Four Houses Down, on the Bad Side of Town." In it, a middle-aged man reminisces as he takes a prospective home buyer through his house. The line between truth and lunatic ramblings blurs as the tour unfolds, leading to a sudden and shocking conclusion.

Ant Farm Necropolis will make its debut at SoDak Con 2017.

More updates to follow!
Thanks for reading!

Monday, January 30, 2017

Zippered Flesh 3 Kickstarter! Masterton, Ketchum, Nolan and more!

Zippered Flesh 3 horror anthology Kickstarter

Click the link above to check out a super cool trailer for Zippered Flesh 3: Yet More Tales of Body Enhancement Gone Bad!

A fantastic lineup of dark fiction authors is lined up for this anthology, including a trio of legends: Jack Ketchum, Graham Masterton, and William F. Nolan.

My story, "Reduced to Tears" is also slated for publication... but it will ONLY happen if the publisher reaches their Kickstarter goal to fund this project!

Take a look at MANY incentives and gifts you will get for pledging to this outstanding horror anthology.

Editor Weldon Burge is a pleasure to work with. My story "Slay it Forward" appears in the anthology Insidious Assassins, which he edited. Several of the stories were so engaging I felt as if Death were standing just over my shoulder...

Hmm. Anyway, I hope you'll take a look and consider pledging (don't forget the Thank You gifts)! Every dollar helps!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Novelette "Bottled Spirits" now available!

My brand new standalone novelette, Bottled Spirits, is now available. 58 pages of weird western action and adventure, with threats both supernatural and true-to-life.

Available from Amazon as a Kindle download, you can get Bottled Spirits  for only 99 cents right here!

Later (perhaps in the spring) it will be collected with two other historical horror novelettes in a paperback edition.

"Truman Bonner is used to battling personal demons, but an encounter with a parasitic imp leaves him shaken to the core. He locks the imp in a secret cell beneath Deadwood, hoping never to encounter the evil entity again. Then Truman's wife disappears from their homestead after a late-night argument, and Truman and his son, Isaac, set out to bring her safely home. Confronted by a series of harrowing supernatural ordeals, the trail leads them back to the imp's macabre prison. Casualties mount, innocence is lost, and before the family is reunited, more than one person will have made a deal with the devil."

Additionally, Weldon Burge at Smart Rhino Publications has launched a Kickstarter campaign for a body horror anthology called "Zippered Flesh 3". Check out the trailer and consider pledging HERE!