Saturday, October 15, 2011

"The Mothman Files" anthology now available!

Go HERE to order your copy of "The Mothman Files" from Woodland Press. I am very proud to be a part of this anthology! Several folks I have a huge amount of respect for are involved in this project.

Includes my story, "Behind His Smile, A Frown" which combines the 'Mothman' legend with another more obscure legend; that of 'The Grinning Man'. I hope you'll purchase a copy (or two!) of this great anthology!

"Eye Believe" Published, Now Available

Don't forget my story "Eye Believe" is now available in the October issue of a creepy little (vampire obsessed) zine called Dark Gothic Magazine. No vampires in my story though. Just a woman with a three eyes who, while in the throes of passion with a guy named Henry, is possessed by Henry's business partner, who has just been killed by a...

It's just too complicated to explain. I wrote it as a tribute to O. Henry but it got kinda weird...

Here's the link. You'll need to scroll about half way down the page.

Poem published in Midwest Literary Magazine

My dark poem "After the Storm" was published in the August issue of Midwest Literary Magazine. The poem makes repeat appearance in MLM's latest anthology "Broken Spades". You may order a copy here.