Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Free read: "Metsys" in Chrome Baby this month.

Adrian Ludens ushers Chrome Baby into the two digit era:



HERE is an alternate link if the first one doesn't work.

Here are two more quotes from the editor, Robin Dunn:

This is an astonishingly beautiful story I would be honored to publish in Chrome Baby.

You know, you and Bosch have something in common, somewhere down there
in the psyche.

The Bosch referenced is Hieronymus Bosch, a Netherlandish painter who lived from 1450 to 1516. Bosch painted a triptych called The Garden of Earthly Delights. When I was a small child, our neighbors and friends were Ella and Leonard Boschma. I find that to be quite interesting.

Metsys also received some kind words from Borderlands editor Thomas Monteleone. I will always be proud of the email he sent me saying the story almost made the cut for Borderlands 6, but that the story was too sci-fi.

I shortened the beginning of the story, and, at the suggestion of Robin Dunn, tweaked the ending to make it have a greater emotional impact, I am pleased to see Metsys published.

Metsys is easily my most esoteric and bizarre story. 80% of the events in this story come straight from a dream I had. Who knew my subconscious was so ugly? Well, you do, now.

I hope you enjoy Metsys, and thanks again to Robin Dunn for purchasing my work.

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  1. Very nice story, Adrian. I think one of your best. Well done!