Thursday, May 25, 2017

2017 Anthology Recap

Adrian's third collection, ANT FARM NECROPOLIS, features 18 newly-collected stories and two poems. It was published in late June of 2017 by A Murder of Storytellers.

Includes the following stories:
Four Houses Down (on the Bad Side of Town) / Death Guiding 350 Horses / Reynolds’ Tale / Everyone Wears a Mask / Ant Farm Necropolis (poem) / I Can Do What I Need to in the Dark / Glass Caskets / Slay It Forward / Questions Still Unanswered / The Way It Will Be / Little Hearse on the Prairie / Sprat / Building Condemned / Heart Like an Anchor / Rougher than the Rest / After the Storm (poem) / Storm Cloud Rain, Graveyard Dirt / The Monster’s Leather Apron / Reunited / Sod Webworms.

Order directly from the publisher.
Or from Amazon here.

Zippered Flesh 3

Zippered Flesh 3 is the newest anthology from Smart Rhino Publications. This is Adrian's second appearance in a Smart Rhino anthology. (The first being Insidious Assassins)

Theme: body modification horror

Story included: Reduced to Tears.
Margo lives in a society where people have surgical reductions of their bodies each year of their lives. She meets the man of her dreams but once they start dating, he insults her by asking something unspeakable of her...

Also features fiction from Graham Masterton, William F. Nolan, Jack Ketchum, Billie Sue Mosiman, and many more. Edited by Weldon Burge.

Order Zippered Flesh 2 here!

Ink Stains (Volume 5)

Theme: literary dark fiction

Story included: Always Confined. 
A man who escaped Nazi Germany during World War II receives a gift from a well-meaning relative and instead is forced to relive his harrowing ordeal --and face his darkest secret.

This anthology also features stories by Michael Picco, Paul Tanner, Tiffany Michelle Brown, and many more. The publisher is Dark Alley Press. Edited by N. Apythia Morges.

Blood in the Rain 3

Theme: Erotic vampire fiction

Story included: Erotic, Aquatic.
An amorous couple end up as castaways in a lifeboat in the Black Sea in the middle of the night. But who is the pale stranger in the boat with them and why is he suggesting they undress? What does he want? And what will happen when the sun rises?

This anthology also features steamy vampire fiction from Jordan Monroe, Andrea Dale, Amber Dawn Eris and many more. The publisher is Cwtch Press. Edited by Cecelia Duvalle and Mary Trapanier.

Horror Writers Association: Poetry Showcase IV

Theme: poetry by horror authors

Poem included: The Burial Shroud.
It's the one percent versus the rest of the world in this short poem.

Featuring poetry by Bruce Boston, Stephanie Wytovich, Steve Rasnic Tem, John Palisano, and many more!

Order HWA Poetry Showcase Volume IV here!

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