Tuesday, April 11, 2017

New Collection to be published in June!

It's official. I am thrilled to announce my third collection, Ant Farm Necropolis, will be published by A Murder of Storytellers, llc. in June of this year!

A Murder of Storytellers is a small press out of Tulsa, OK. They specialize in horror and dark fiction anthologies. This will be their first single author collection!

The collection will be edited by Adrean Messmer.

I am also excited to announce that M. Wayne Miller has been commissioned to paint original artwork for the cover! I am a big fan of his style, which is vibrant and eye-catching.

Back cover text for Ant Farm Necropolis:

Twenty-one macabre stories and poems by Adrian Ludens. Clive wants to show you around his home, but watch out; it's populated by more than just recollections from his bizarre past in "Four Houses Down, on the Bad Side of Town." Those who want insight into Poe's descent into madness prior to his death should pay close attention to "Reynolds' Tale." The Idea Man is a retired hit man who has a novel idea to make the world a better place in "Slay it Forward." Jack the Ripper brings mayhem and murder to Alaska during the Gold Rush in "The Monster's Leather Apron." Randle has a job he loathes, erasing people from existence in "Death Guiding 350 Horses." These characters and many more are waiting inside this new collection from the author of When Bedbugs Bite and Bedtime Stories for Carrion Beetles.

I have sold stories to A Murder of Storytellers on four previous occasions.

Beyond the Nightlight includes my story, "Methods of Coping" which features a young boy trying to come to terms with his mother's disappearance, and his father's sudden fascination with cooking meat.
The Book of Blasphemous Words reprints my story, "Hero Worship." In it, an impressionable fan and a religious zealot heavy metal singer exchange a series of disturbing emails, leading to grim consequences.
Broken Worlds includes my story, "The Way It Will Be," in which a simple-minded gas station attendant is manipulated into reporting the nightly news. It's all true, but only after he says it.
Now Playing in Theater B includes my story "Four Houses Down, on the Bad Side of Town." In it, a middle-aged man reminisces as he takes a prospective home buyer through his house. The line between truth and lunatic ramblings blurs as the tour unfolds, leading to a sudden and shocking conclusion.

Ant Farm Necropolis will make its debut at SoDak Con 2017.

More updates to follow!
Thanks for reading!

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