Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Blood Lite III Author Roundtable

Click HERE to read comments from several of the authors who contributed to "Blood Lite III: Aftertaste". Thanks to DL Snell for asking the questions and compiling the answers! Save the link as more questions and answers will be added each week.

Blood Lite III: Aftertaste will be released on Tuesday, May 29th. Check your favorite book store!  Editor Kevin J. Anderson has assembled an incredible lineup: Jim Butcher, Kelley Armstrong, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Heather Graham, L.A. Banks, Christopher Golden and many more!

Yeah, I led with the big names, but it's a pleasure and an honor sharing a Table of Contents with Lisa Morton, Nina Kiriki Hoffman, Ken Lillie-Paetz, Jeff Strand and DL Snell as well.

This book should be widely available. Check your favorite book seller!

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