Tuesday, November 8, 2016

November Update: Covers, Announcements, Free Stories!

This post will include a big announcement, links to THREE FREE stories, and three new anthology announcements!

Before the end of the year, Grinning Skull Press will release my debut novelette, a weird western titled "Bottled Spirits" as part of their Grave Markers series. Initially, this will be issued as a standalone Kindle single. Later, it will be collected with two other Grave Marker novelettes with historical settings in paperback. More details--including a cover reveal, and ordering information, coming soon!

Newly released (and long-awaited) is Cranial Leakage 2 from Grinning Skull Press. This non-themed horror anthology includes a number of up-and-coming and established horror authors. Among them, Ken Goldman is an author who I have shared quite a few tables of contents with.

My story, "Another Mouth to Feed," is about a blue collar family struggling to make ends meet. Things go terribly wrong when the youngest member of the family tries to do a good deed for a stranger.

This story has an interesting background. One editor accused me of racial stereotyping (not the case) while another editor accused me of making poor people look bad (not the case). I'd like to thank Harrison Graves and Michael Evans for seeing the potential in--and the meaning of--this story and buying it for this book!

You can order a copy for Kindle here. A link to the paperback is here.

Next up we have a dark science fiction anthology, Dark Horizons, from editor Charles Zaglanis and Elder Signs Press. My story, "Making the Rounds," is included.

Authors I have read and/or appeared with before include: James Dorr, Lee Zumpe, Jay Caselberg, and Aaron French.

Note: My name is misspelled in the first pressing of this anthology. It has been corrected for Kindle (due soon) and will be corrected by the second pressing. I will keep readers updated (and will likely re-announce this title) when I have confirmation.

In my story, a dystopian, Mythos-inspired tale, medicine and health care have taken a huge step backward.

The paperback can be ordered here.

The debut volume of Turn to Ash, a new literary horror magazine (in book form) includes my story "Sod Webworms." Edited by Benjamin Holesapple, and from Turn to Ash Media, LLC.

Turn to Ash features work from Lucy Snyder, CC Adams, J. Daniel Stone and others.

My story is inspired by true events. There is no supernatural aspect to this story, but the end result is truly horrifying. Anyone know what 'sod webworms' are? They're a small, seasonal moth that look like tiny bits of rolled-up parchment. What do they have to do with a radio announcer showing up for a remote broadcast at a car dealership on the wrong day? Find out (and try to separate fact from fiction) in "Sod Webworms."

Here is a link to order.

Finally, below are THREE links to free stories published online this year. All three stories are new. All three stories are VERY different from each other. I hope you enjoy them.

Storm Cloud Rain, Graveyard Dirt

Little Hearse on the Prairie (co-authored by Heidi M. Roth)

Nic Fits

As always, thank you for reading!
More announcements coming soon!

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