Saturday, February 25, 2012

Feb 2012 Updates

I got a sneak-peek of "Slices of Flesh", due next month from Dark Moon Books. Have I mentioned lately what an absolute THRILL it is to share a table of contents with legends like Graham Masterton, Ramsey Campbell, Jack Ketchum and Tim Lebbon? The entire list of contributors is simply stellar! Keep your eyes peeled for this one!

"Zombie Kong" is receiving very favorable reviews on Amazon. Two of the five star reviews specifically mention my story "The Elephant in the Room". This is very exciting for me! "Zombie Kong" is currently available on Kindle and will be in paperback very soon.

I wrote a review for "The Mothman Files". This is posted on Amazon. This is a really good anthology that should be getting more attention! I contributed a story to this one. "Behind His Smile, A Frown" is my re-imagining of the Grinning Man (aka Indrid Cold) and his involvement in the Mothman legend.

I also wrote a review for "Fell Beasts". I am not in this anthology. I just wanted to get the word out that the stories are great. I liked it a lot.

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